by gleaming

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released August 18, 2016

arthur - vocals
chris - guitars, vocals
brian - bass
cook - drums

recorded and mixed by alex polhill
mastered by will killingsworth

artwork by arthur



all rights reserved


KILLERBOOF Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Ray Romano
i tried to tell you that i love you
but no you won't get it
and i think about what words to say
and how i wish i could get over things

not being so open while acting like i'm ruined or the other way around
you make me sink then drown

ur so elusive...
bring me to ur darkness
feeling heartless
i think i'm not okay

i don't think u wanna fall for me
but i'm already beneath the ground
saw u in dreams like always
got me thinking that i need u now

like yeah i might be broken
and i knew your heart was stolen (from the start)
or elsewhere like anywhere but here
anywhere from me
Track Name: Do You Feel Blame?
i dont know how to help u
idk how to help myself either
waking up slowly and it hits you what u almost did last night
rolling up windows and suffocating spaces it's a landslide...
and i dont think i can take it

will u take me in give me medicine? it would mean everything to me
we're all born to sin i'm not born to win
it won't mean anything to me

all my friends are hurting
like when the drought is for certain
corroding the leaves
i know you
you want to leave
Track Name: I Thought I Was Bigger
wrote my name on ur thighs....
rest at last when we both got high
drew roses on ur hands
they died when u came back again

only empty steps when i showed up
u left ur dress in the corner
i was so with you and alone though
if i could press rewind see you that night
now i'm just waiting passing time

so long for feeling better.. this is here to stay ...
broke my bottles and lost my causes ....i am fading away
Track Name: A Carved Whale's Bone
am i stuck here forever?
to remember together
i thought i wasn't alone
but she just sits there staring at her phone

i think it's time i say what i want from you
i feel empty and i need something new
i wish i knew what this was all about
just never mind that i wont be staying around

when the night lasts forever
and the drinks make you clever

i thought i wasnt alone
but i now ive lost it and im walking home
Track Name: Sad Song
gone, as though i wasn't there
untangled from your hair
need to be alone so i can start
i can't be apart, so i play mario kart
i lose and i lose and i fucking hate
the games these people play
wish i could go away
nothing here will ever feel like home

i wanted you to know...
i think about (nothing)
i think about wanting you all the time
and i guess i'll wait
meet my fate tonight

and now i'm feeling old
everything's dead and cold
look at me all this self pity
saying things to feel free
just like you said to me
was it all real or was it lies...
and everything i try
till i crawl away and die
nothing feels exactly like it did...

nothign here inside my head
and now im in my bed
this room is full of dread
its dark and cold im all alone
when nothing left is free i give a part of me
to see to feel the only things that i have left